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What is Onyx Boox Super Refresh Technology?

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What is Onyx Boox Super Refresh Technology?


Onyx Boox is a company that specializes in e-readers and digital paper products. The vast majority of their devices have Google Play right on them, making them very popular for users who want something to download and install millions of paid and free Android apps. Boox can handle complex PDF documents, expansive apps and multi-page notes. Boox has various speed modes called Super Refresh Technology for everything to run smoothly. What does this mean, and how do you use it?

BOOX Super Refresh (BSR) is an exclusive technology of BOOX unveiled in 2022 to enhance the refresh performance and image quality of its ePaper products. What’s behind this breakthrough is a series of powerful hardware and software incorporated into every Tab series tablet and BOOX‘s keen insights into users’ needs.

Four Refresh Modes

Based on the frequency of human-machine interaction and the dynamism of contents, Boox devices have four refresh modes: HD Mode, Balanced Mode, Fast Mode, and Ultrafast Mode.

  • HD Mode is designed for deep reading. Like reading print books, you can enjoy incredibly sharp text with the least ghosting.
  • Under Balanced Mode, BOOX coordinated demands for clear display and intermittent interaction. Quick screen response is assured when you are skimming books or images.
  • Fast Mode aims at a smooth experience of browsing websites or activities that involve lots of scrolling. Subtle ghosting may occur, but responsiveness is enhanced.
  • Ultrafast mode provides the most rapid response to dynamic content. It enables you to watch videos and seamlessly use different apps with little to no full-page refreshes.

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