November 29, 2023

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The Role of technology in early childhood education: finding a balance

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The Role of technology in early childhood education: finding a balance

By Shalini Sharma 

With the Indian ed-tech market anticipated to reach $ 4 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 39.77%, according to a study by IBEF (Indian Brand Equity Foundation), it is safe to state that technological advancements have sparked a revolution in the education industry. New-age technologies such as AI, AR and VR, amongst others, have completely transformed the idea of learning for students, thereby offering them an immersive and engaging learning environment. As a result, they not only have superior learning possibilities but also far better educational experiences.

The Role of technology in early childhood education: finding a balance

Given the increased dominance of technology in the education sector, it is not only the older students that are benefiting from it but the younger students as well. Creating a fun and interactive learning environment, new-age technologies are not only aiding the concentration of younger students but also exposing them to better learning possibilities. The content of textbooks was once thought to be enough to meet the needs of young students in terms of learning. However, in response to the changing needs of students, a number of technologically supported resources have been developed that have enabled students to engage with the subject matter and aim for better learning and development.

Technology in early childhood education: Key benefits

Experiential learning: Short attention span has long been a source of worry for parents, particularly those with young kids. But as technology has advanced, younger students have been exposed to experiential learning strategies that let them experiment with the concept’s objects, increasing their interest and comprehension. This type of learning not only allows children to build a unique grasp of subjects but it also encourages them to think creatively and critically, which aids in their optimal growth and development.

Improved understanding: Modern technologies have completely changed education for children, making it more individualised, interactive, and fun. As a result, not only has this improved their comprehension but also their ability to retain information. Additionally, because a child’s brain is particularly receptive to new information during the formative years, creating a creative learning environment is essential. With current technologies infiltrating the educational sector, young children are being exposed to opportunities for imaginative play, which not only aids their comprehension but also their cognitive, social-emotional, and overall development.

Availability of more resources: The days when there was little learning material available to young students, impeding their ability to understand, are long gone. However, thanks to modern technology, a wide variety of educational resources have emerged, opening the door for entertaining and creative activities and providing students with the chance to gain from enhanced learning experiences. Especially with media-centric learning materials coming into being, younger children are not only benefitting from enhanced understanding but also better memory retention. This enables children to develop into autonomous thinkers and curious learners who possess the necessary abilities. 

New-age technologies: Pillars of better child growth

The time when younger kids only had a few learning opportunities is long behind. However, since technological developments have made their way into the realm of education, a new era of learning has ushered in, offering younger learners with improved learning possibilities. Especially with the emergence of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality, to name a few, young learners are better at interacting with subjects, supporting their learning and giving them a ground to grow and flourish.

The author is founder and CEO of Hi Kalpaa chain of Preschools. Views are personal.

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