November 29, 2023

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The rising adoption of BIM software in UK construction

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The rising adoption of BIM software in UK construction
The rising adoption of BIM software in UK construction
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Since 2011, BIM has become a useful tool for construction companies and, for most projects, is a regulatory requirement. In this article, Elecosoft explores the future of BIM software in UK construction

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is the process of turning project data into a 3D or 4D model using digital software.

It helps architects, contractors, engineers and project managers to work collaboratively from a shared digital platform. BIM can be used to model programmes, make strategic decisions and resolve issues.

BIM captures information on everything from materials and equipment to construction order, project costs and environmental impact.

4D BIM in particular is useful for helping project stakeholders to gain a high-level overview of the construction sequence. 4D BIM software visualises the construction of a building over time, showing how each element fits together to achieve the desired result.

Why has BIM software in UK construction increased?

In 2011, the UK government outlined a construction strategy to reduce the cost of public building projects by 15-20%.

This strategy mandated the use of 3D BIM software for all publicly funded construction projects by 2016, and outlined the introduction of two new BIM standards.

BS 1192 and PAS 1192-2 were introduced, and recognised as the best practices for BIM implementation in UK construction.

What is the BS 1192:2014 standard, and who is it for?

BS 1192:2014 is a standard for the collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information.

It provides a framework for managing and sharing information within a construction project using BIM.

The standard covers the entire project lifecycle, and includes guidance on the naming and numbering of files, version control and information management.

What is the PAS 1192-2 standard?

PAS 1192-2 is an information management specification for building projects using BIM.

It provides guidance on the processes, procedures and information requirements for managing information during the design and construction phases.

The specification covers the information that needs to be exchanged between different parties, and it also defines a common data environment for project information.

The international standard for BIM – ISO 19650 was introduced in 2018

ISO 19650 consists of two parts: ISO 19650-1 and ISO 19650-2.

The first part defines the concepts and principles of BIM. It sets out the requirements for building information management, including the roles and responsibilities of different parties involved in a construction project.

ISO 19650-2 provides guidance on implementation, such as the processes and procedures for managing information throughout the lifecycle of a built asset.

It also covers the creation, organisation and management of data using BIM, as well as the exchange of information between different parties involved in a construction project.

What are the benefits of using BIM?

BIM software helps construction companies in the UK and beyond run projects more efficiently.

Visualising programme information in a 3D or 4D planning model can help project stakeholders to:

Collaborate effectively

BIM software improves integration and enables everyone to work from the same digital platform.

It also supports easy information exchange and allows stakeholders to model the impact of changes before making them.

Enhance project efficiency

BIM software helps building companies to increase planning accuracy, streamline workflows and reduce errors. 71% of BIM users say using the software has made them more productive.

Explore sustainability

BIM software helps construction companies to analyse processes and techniques to reduce waste and explore greener construction methods.

4D planning can also help to manage environmental factors such as energy consumption, water usage and material efficiency.

Increase transparency

UK BIM legislation is focused on making project execution more efficient.

BIM software is an effective way to store programme information for long-term transparency and accountability.

Cataloguing materials is particularly important for ensuring buildings remain legally compliant throughout their lifecycle. This is particularly evident through the issues that property companies have faced due to cladding regulation changes.

What is the future of BIM software in UK construction?

In the future, BIM software will help UK construction companies to implement techniques that make building projects more sustainable.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of building companies exploring offsite planning and construction techniques. An example of this is Willmott Dixon, which manufactured 50% of its Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building for the University of Warwick offsite.

This decision lowered site deliveries by nearly 40%, reducing the build’s carbon footprint.

BIM 4D planning will help UK building companies model offsite manufacturing and show their customers how it can increase sustainability and reduce the time and cost to build. Visualising alternative construction methods makes it easier to gain buy-in, helping the sector to innovate.

Experience the power of 4D planning with Powerproject BIM

While 3D BIM software is a mandatory solution in public construction projects, there is value in using BIM software for every type of project.

Upgrading from 3D modelling to 4D planning adds an extra dimension for improving collaboration and construction efficiency.

With these benefits, your construction company may be ready to explore BIM software with 4D capabilities.

Powerproject by Elecosoft features Powerproject BIM – an integrated module that adds 4D planning functionality to construction programme management in one application.

Powerproject BIM is already being used by UK building companies like Galliford Try Plc to maintain excellent client communication and exemplary project control.

Start your free Powerproject trial to explore the benefits of Powerproject BIM.

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