December 3, 2023

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The 10 Most Promising AI Solution Providers of 2023

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The 10 Most Promising AI Solution Providers of 2023

The 10 Most Promising AI Solution Providers of 2023

Akshay Deshpande Explains How Quinnox Leading the Future with Cutting-Edge IT Solutions

“Creating an organizational structure conducive to successfully implementing disruptive technologies such as AI, ML, DL, Robotics, and the Cloud can help companies maximize ROI and stay ahead of the competition,” believes Akshay Deshpande, the Chief Technology & Solution Delivery Officer of Quinnox.

In 1999, Anil Kumar, Chairman & CEO of Quinnox, and his two partners co-founded Fieldglass and Quinnox. Fieldglass quickly established itself as a leader in the service procurement SaaS industry. But later, SAP acquired the company for over US$1 billion, and it is now part of the SAP SaaS ecosystem.

Quinnox is a platform and services company specializing in providing cutting-edge technology solutions to different industries, including application development, software testing, enterprise integration, application maintenance, CRM and ERP implementations, and more. By leveraging cutting-edge data analytics and custom-built ML tools, Quinnox helps its customers stay ahead of the competition and future-proof the company’s operations with robust solutions.

For the past 20 years, Quinnox has been serving five industries, including Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Energy & Utilities, Consumer retail, and Distribution & Logistics, and boasts a solid customer base across all five sectors. The company operates with a 100% technology-agnostic approach and is committed to delivering rapid time-to-value and overall client value. 

In recent years, Quinnox has transformed into a Cognitive SaaS-based product company, adopting a more efficient and forward-looking approach to design and development. This transformation has allowed the company to accelerate time to market and provide a superior customer experience, leading to an optimized app development strategy and robust operating models. Through this journey, Quinnox has established itself as a leader in the technology industry, providing valuable solutions and inspiring its employees to strive continuously for excellence.

With a strong network of partnerships, the company has been providing a wide range of services and solutions to several Fortune 200 companies, including testing, integration, SAP, Salesforce cloud migrations, and AI-powered digital transformation strategies. In addition to the solutions and services, Quinnox prioritizes co-innovation with the customers and the partners through collaborative efforts.

The Leadership Journey – Where It All Began and Evolved

Anil has had a noteworthy career in the industry, beginning with executive management at a prominent publicly traded company. He was also the founder of FieldGlass, which was acquired by SAP. Anil identified the challenges faced by procurement and vendor management and their impact on customer experience, which inspired him to establish FieldGlass.

He later went on to establish Quinnox, serving as both its CEO and Chairman. Throughout his tenure at Quinnox, Anil has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a strong understanding of organizational dynamics, which has enabled him to form positive relationships with customers and employees. His commitment to building strong teams has also created a culture of innovation and creativity within the company.

Although Anil comes from a management background, he is an engineer at heart with a curious mind and a passion for problem-solving. His interest led him to work closely with his team to develop and own patents in the AI and ML space. Anil identified the challenges faced by procurement and vendor management and their impact on customer experience, which inspired him to establish FieldGlass.

Anil is highly respected in the business community, being a Chicago Chamber of Commerce member and actively involved in the Chicago Inter City Youth program at Quinnox. Through this program, Quinnox provides training and certification for inner-city youth in various technology fields such as AWS, Azure, Salesforce, AI/ML, and others. Upon completion of the program, the candidates have the opportunity to join Quinnox or any other organization.

Building Future-Proof Solutions Through Innovation 

Akshay Deshpande, the Chief Technology & Solution Delivery Officer at Quinnox, strongly advocates that Innovation is an outcome, not a process.” He says, Despite being frequently used and widely misunderstood in the Information Technology industry, anyone has the potential to become an innovator. Many people seek to learn the methods for achieving innovation, but true progress is often achieved through a series of small incremental discoveries rather than major, unexpected breakthroughs.

Akshay further stated that we understand the importance of purposeful and collaborative innovation as an organization. To facilitate this, we have implemented various programs such as Hackathons, think’ Wrong’ sessions, SharQTanQ, and Quinnox Innovation Den (QID) to drive a culture of innovation within the company. It is only through innovation that an organization can become a market leader. The focus should always be on how to tap new opportunities in innovative ways.

Furthermore, the company partnered with leading platform and product companies across the technology spectrum to equip the employees with the skill set required to stay ahead of the technology curve. As a result of the continuous experimentation and work on upcoming and cutting-edge technology trends, Quinnox helped customers build future-proof and efficient solutions with the quickest time to value.

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Artificial Intelligence

Quinnox understands that technology alone is insufficient for successful AI implementation, which is why it provides comprehensive support to organizations in effectively harnessing AI. To achieve this goal, the company has created three leading AI-powered platforms: Qyrus, Qoalasce, and Qinfinite. Qyrus automates digital assurance, Qoalasce manages and governs integration processes, and Qinfinite optimizes IT operations with machine learning capabilities.

Qyrus: The AI-enabled software test automation platform that helps businesses to maintain quality while releasing software faster. The platform is based on AI innovations that provide comprehensive testing coverage, addressing scale, complexity, and human elements. The latest iteration involves conversational bots and ‘what if’ testing models that tap into test data repositories for industries.

Qoalasce: A platform-agnostic solution for enterprise integration governance that helps global and midsize organizations manage the integration processes. With technological advancements, the need for greater business agility and faster innovation increased the integration work, leading to the democratization of integration platforms. This is where platforms like Qoalasce provide centralized monitoring, management, administration, and governance capabilities to enable a broader audience to use various integration platforms.

Qinfinite: The AI-enabled IT operations platform that automates repetitive tasks and improves efficiency. The platform includes continuous discovery and assessment of IT assets, knowledge graph algorithms for autonomous IT operations, and digital twin models for monitoring and maintaining IT systems. Qinfinite provides real-time insights into performance issues, allowing businesses to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Embracing Disruptive Technologies with an Effective IT Strategy

When asked about the importance of embracing disruptive technologies, Akshay said, “A well-planned AI strategy combined with open-source frameworks like TensorFlow or Caffe can help organizations can help companies save time and money while improving efficiency and driving innovation.”

“Creating an organizational structure conducive to successfully implementing such a strategy can help companies maximize ROI and stay ahead of the competition in today’s rapidly changing market environment. With OpenAI and effective implementation strategies, the organization is sure to get ahead,” Akshay adds.

Elevating Customer Experience to the Next Level with Exceptional Support

Quinnox has been praised for its outstanding work in the field of modern application development, enterprise integration, and software testing. In the third quarter of 2022, Forrester recognized the company as a “Strong Performer” in the Modern Application Development wave. Quinnox has also won the North American Testing Award for “Best Testing Project” and was a finalist in all major categories for the European Testing Awards. Quinnox has also won the Software AG Innovative Partner of the year award for delivering impactful solutions to its customers, providing direct business growth, and a consistent total experience (TX) for its customers.

The company’s exceptional services have been acknowledged by its customers, who have expressed satisfaction with the kind of customer experience Quinnox delivered. Russ Thornton, the Chief Technology Officer of Shawbrook Bank, stated that Quinnox is a “strong and capable partner” that can meet the demands of Shawbrook’s business with flexibility and speed. 

Adding to the list of success stories and happy customers is the Chief Information Officer of a leading US Electric Utility Company, who said, “Quinnox has exceeded expectations in the quality of detail in test scripts and defect identification, adding tremendous value to the project. Gomez Luz, Manager of Application Management Services at Reyes Holdings, expressed pride in the caliber of support provided by the Quinnox team and the company’s efforts in quickly resolving customer support issues. Vice President, Global Technology, of an Insurance giant in the US quoted, “Team members have been involved in a number of different high exposure projects utilizing their skills and expertise. Solutions created as part of these efforts have increased efficiencies for our business partners and have enhanced controls in business processes”.

Leading the Way to Building Sustainable and Resilient Business 

Having successfully weathered bubbles, stock market crashes, recessions, and a pandemic, the experiences, and learnings gained made Quinnox future-proof and resilient. Investing in people, processes, and technology has helped Quinnox, and its customers sail through stormy waters.

Quinnox has successfully built a culture of inclusivity, open communication, experimentation, and equality by investing in the people and the process and through constant support and encouragement from the leaders. 

Quinnox was the first vendor to do so in almost all of its client base, which helped support clients in the fight against COVID. During the pandemic, 100% of its global team converted to remote work in <10 days. Even during the times of “great resignation,” Quinnox had a much lower resignation rate than most other companies that struggled to retain talent and meet customer demands.

Management: Akshay Deshpande, Chief Technology & Solution Delivery Officer


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