Remarks by President Biden Before Meeting with the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

South Courtroom Auditorium 4:12 P.M. EST THE PRESIDENT:  Very well, thank you, Eric.  As you…

Remarks by President Biden Before Meeting with the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

South Courtroom Auditorium

4:12 P.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT:  Very well, thank you, Eric.  As you know that — when I was functioning for this place of work this time, I would speak about PCAST and people today would search at me like, “What in the hell is he talking about?”  And then I’d describe what I meant.  And we — it wasn’t specially energetic the past 4 several years, but science is again — (laughs) — back in vogue.

And I want to welcome absolutely everyone here these days with me in the President’s Council on Advisors on Science and Engineering — so-identified as PCAST.  But initially and foremost, I want to thank the co-chairs Dr. Lander, Dr. Arnold, and Dr. Zuber, you know, and the full council — all of you — for your willingness to serve.

You know, it is no solution that I’m a big supporter of this council.  I would say, parenthetically, I applied to — when we were in the — in the Obama administration, we’d have our conferences with PCAST, and we’d be down in the library, and they’d make a presentation.  I’d say, “Can I stick around, question a couple queries?”  And three hours later, they’d be pulling me out simply because I had so quite a few queries.

But, you know, I typically say that The us can be described — and I suggest this sincerely — I was in — on the Tibetan Plateau with — I believe that’s in which it was — with President Xi of China.  And — unquestionably a genuine story.  And we experienced been touring — I traveled 17,000 miles with him in this article in the United States and then in China. 

And president — the president preferred me to get to know him since we knew he would be the next president.  And President Hu was then President and — but it wasn’t ideal for the President of the United States to be expending all that time with the Vice President, so I used a ton of time with him. 

And we had a ton of conversations.  I think — I don’t know which is real — but I’m advised I’ve put in additional time with him in person and on the phone than any other planet chief.  And we had been — we’d have these discussions.  And I’d have an interpreter, and he’d have one particular — simultaneous interpreting.  And we’d discuss, and we’d have all these meetings. 

And, as I said, we were being sitting there, and he said — he seemed at me, he mentioned, “Can you outline The united states for me?”  And I reported, “Yes.  In one particular phrase: Alternatives.  Possibilities.”  In contrast to any other region in the earth, we’re — we’re just — we’re arranged on the idea that nearly anything is probable.  And which is the very spirit that this — animates this council.

Your occupation is to talk to how science and technological know-how can grow our opportunities, clear up our toughest difficulties, and make it extremely hard — make the unattainable attainable.

This yr, we have found the power of science and technological innovation deliver remarkable breakthroughs — from the wonder of risk-free and effective COVID vaccines and treatment options to sport-changing clean up electricity systems, encouraging us fulfill the weather crisis — while we have a prolonged way to go — when generating new work opportunities and new industries.

And, you know, to the flight of a helicopter on Mars and the start of a new deep-sea telescope which is going to enable us unlock discoveries but not known — it is important that science and scientific integrity are once more taken significantly and are at the middle of what we’re about as a country that scientists have a seat at the desk, each and every desk in the government. 

And which is why this Council, to me at least, is so vital and why I feel is going to be so important to the United States and to the entire world.

You represent the prime of your fields in medicine, arithmetic, astrophysics, agriculture, oceanography, general public health and fitness, cleanse vitality, cybersecurity, nanotechnology, and so considerably a lot more.

The breadth of this council is not an incident it’s by design.  And that — there was a time when PCAST didn’t include things like social experts or healthcare physicians or, frankly, the voice of ladies.  But, now, we comprehend that to harness the entire electrical power of science and know-how, to fulfill the problems we confront, we require to listen to from each section of the scientific community.  And that is why I’m so very pleased that for the first time in the history of this council, we have a PCAST that appears like The usa. 

And then, I’m seeking ahead to hearing from our co-chairs about the work we’re engaged in, significantly — specifically all-around addressing the disparities in our public well being method, meeting the risk of climate change and severe weather conditions, ensuring Americans’ world-wide management and innovation, and produce excellent-spending employment, and gain the competition in the 21st century.

And so — so that’s what this is all about, in my view. 

So, Eric, I’m anxious to get begun.  And I apologize for taking so long, but thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. And I’m hunting ahead to looking at all of you in individual as we get this COVID difficulty a little additional less than command. 

So — so thank you quite considerably.

(Cross-chat by reporters.)

MR. LANDER:  Perfectly, thank you, Mr. President.  I imagine what we’re heading to do is thank the push quite substantially suitable now and inquire individuals to step out. 

And for individuals looking at by Zoom, it’ll be yet another, you know, minute or two and then we’ll select up as individuals collect their points. 

Thank you all so much for coming.

Q    Sir, can you say declaratively the election this fall will be legit?

Q    Why are you waiting around on Putin to make the to start with go, sir?

THE PRESIDENT:  (Laughs.)  What a stupid query.

4:16 P.M. EST