April 17, 2024

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Mindray launches 2-in-1 handheld ultrasound system

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Mindray launches 2-in-1 handheld ultrasound system
Mindray TE Air ultrasound device
TE Air can connect to a mobile device or the touch-based TE X Ultrasound System. [Image courtesy of Mindray]

Mindray announced today that it launched its TE Air wireless handheld ultrasound device with multi-device connectivity.

Mahwah, New Jersey-based Mindray says it’s the industry’s first handheld ultrasound device that can connect to either a mobile device or the touch-based TE X ultrasound system. This expands the utility and accessibility of the handheld, wireless device originally unveiled in March.

The wireless, compact, pocket-sized technology enhances point-of-care imaging while improving ultrasound accessibility. It offers versatility with flexible charging options to ensure accessibility in unexpected clinical scenarios. The system could rival handheld ultrasound devices made by the likes of GE HealthCare and Butterfly Network.

Mindray said its launch builds on the company’s dedication to point-of-care ultrasound for the emergency medicine and critical care markets.

“The TE Air is a leap forward in ultrasound technology, offering comprehensive functionality inside or outside the hospital environment,” said Wayne Quinn, president of Mindray North America. “The new 2-in-1 innovative solution empowers clinicians to overcome the traditional constraints of cords and confined spaces giving them access to premium scanning capability when and where they need it.”

Mindray offers the TE Air app on iOS to balance simplicity and efficiency, allowing for one-handed operation in any location. It also seamlessly integrates with hospital information systems to improve workflow. The company said the app also helps to onboard patient data management solutions to provide connected care.

Features include high-quality images with excellent resolution thanks to the company’s eWave platform and single crystal technology. TE Air’s phased array with dedicated exam presets allow clinicians to conduct ultrasound examinations more efficiently. Its air capsule doubles as a protective case and a portable charger while it also features a waterproof and dustproof design.

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