Information Technology: Biannual Scorecards Have Evolved and Served as Effective Oversight Tools

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What GAO Found

The Subcommittee’s biannual scorecards initially concentrated on agencies’ progress in employing statutory provisions contained in the Federal Info Technological know-how Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) on matters such as incremental improvement and knowledge heart consolidation. The scorecard evolved in excess of time to consist of more IT-linked factors this kind of as Main Information Officer (CIO) immediate reporting, computer software licensing, and cybersecurity (see determine).

Biannual Scorecards Launch Timeline with Linked Factors

The biannual scorecards have served as helpful equipment for monitoring federal agencies’ initiatives in employing statutory demands and addressing other vital IT concerns. For illustration, the Subcommittee-assigned grades of company overall performance have demonstrated continual enhancement. Precisely, from November 2015 through December 2021, businesses receiving C or bigger grades enhanced from 29 to 100 p.c (all businesses). For the most the latest scorecard, 50 per cent of companies received an A or B. This escalation in grades displays the noteworthy enhancements in factors of the scorecard. For example:

  • Portfolio evaluation cost savings. The volume of price savings and avoidances documented from annually reviewing IT portfolios enhanced from $3.4 billion to $23.5 billion.
  • CIO immediate reporting. The amount of company CIOs that report right to the Secretary or Deputy greater from 12 to 16 of the 24 businesses.
  • Program licensing. The range of businesses with comprehensive, on a regular basis up to date software program licensing inventories went from 3 to all 24, ensuing in the removal of this component from the scorecard.

Likely forward, it will be essential for Congress to continue adapting oversight equipment, these types of as the biannual scorecards, to fulfill the advancing federal IT landscape.

Why GAO Did This Examine

The federal federal government each year spends extra than $100 billion on IT and cyber-associated investments even so, numerous of these investments have unsuccessful or performed inadequately and have often endured from ineffective administration.

To improve the management of IT, Congress and the President enacted FITARA in December 2014. The legislation much better permits Congress to keep an eye on covered agencies’ development in handling IT and maintain them accountable. FITARA applies to the 24 businesses matter to the Main Financial Officers Act of 1990, despite the fact that not all FITARA provisions apply to the Division of Protection.

In November 2015, this Subcommittee started issuing biannual scorecards as an oversight software to watch agencies’ progress towards employing FITARA and subsequently, other IT-similar difficulties. The scorecards rely on publicly readily available facts to keep track of and assign federal companies letter grades (i.e., A, B, C, D, or F). As of January 2022, 13 scorecards had been launched.

GAO was questioned to testify on the evolution and performance of the biannual scorecards. For this testimony, GAO relied primarily on formerly issued solutions.

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