December 4, 2023

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Huawei: World’s First 6GHz Technology Verification

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Huawei: World’s First 6GHz Technology Verification

Chinese tech giant Huawei has once again solidified its position with another significant achievement. The company recently announced the successful completion of 6GHz verification with operators, marking a new milestone in network technology. According to Huawei Central, Li Peng, the current senior vice president of Huawei and president of the Operator Business Group, made this announcement.

Huawei says consumers are always upgrading their experience and demanding more from the network. Therefore, 5G networks require more abundant spectrum resources such as 6GHz spectrum and millimeter wave. The transition from 100G full spectrum to new air interface for 5G is the new trend in the industry. Huawei has now collaborated with operators to carry out technical verification in 6GHz frequency band as part of the trend. According to Huawei, this achievement has improved data transmitting speed significantly. It says that the new achievement enables the realization of up to 10Gbps downlink rate.

Huawei’s 6GHz Solution has Co-coverage Capability Huawei: World’s First 6GHz Technology Verification

Huawei’s 6GHz solution demonstrates the capability of “same site, co-coverage” in conjunction with the C-band spectrum. This means that the 6GHz frequency band can be deployed alongside the existing C-band spectrum. This allows improved network coverage and performance. Huawei’s new achievement gives network operators that extra edge needed to fully satisfy their customers’ demands. This is because 6GHz allows operators to provide higher data rates and provide seamless and reliable 5G experience to customers.

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Global 5G Users Have Exceeded 1.2 billion Users Huawei 6GHz

According to statistics, 5G users around the globe has already exceeded 1.2 billion users. This means that there is a high demand for ultimate digital experience by huge number of people around the world. This high demand is what has pushed the 5G network into the new era of 6GHz. A notable example is the consumption difference between 2D, and 3D content. The traffic generation of 3D content is 3 to 10 times that of 2D video. Therefore, 1 week of new calls or a day of cloud mobile phone can generate up to 1GB of traffic. Applications that make use of such content will increase the traffic demand by over 10 times. Hence, opening a new era of user experience.

In a statement by Li Peng, he stated that:

“The future has come. For business scenarios such as individuals, families, enterprises, and the Internet of Vehicles, new services, new experiences, and new scenarios require higher demands on network capabilities.” The continuous enhancement of network capabilities such as the Internet of Things will open up a broader market space for operators in the 5.5G era.”

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