April 17, 2024

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How to make the most of digital technology and scale up for the future

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How to make the most of digital technology and scale up for the future

How to make the most of digital technology and scale up for the future
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As hybrid working is here to stay, businesses must take advantage of the latest digital technology to maximise coordination and collaboration opportunities

With 60{76cecface0748ddeecd9e742a6b04748a479068b020f881d389c6d6775b6c823} of employees preferring hybrid work, it’s clear that businesses will need to rely more and more on digital technology to keep their workforces connected and productive.

For construction, where coordination and collaboration are crucial, we’re seeing a shift in our day-to-day tools and processes.

How can companies make the most of what the latest digital technology has to offer?

The first step is to get comfortable with the tech: familiarise yourself with digital tools, gauge and improve internal skillsets, and embed the right company culture – one that understands the need for change and is excited about the possibilities.

It’s important to consider what software will be a good fit for your team

Then, it’s time to find the right software for you and your teams. With so many options out there, you need to apply a critical eye to each solution you’re considering. How flexible is it? Is it compatible with your other systems, and those of your partners? How seamlessly can you integrate it? Does it offer a single source of truth for documents and plans?

A software system that ticks all those boxes will likely give you easy wins in the short run, and a strong return on investment long term.

The latest White Paper from design software specialists Bluebeam details tactics and digital strategies that can help your AEC organisation to smoothly implement new digital technologies and boost your ROI.

Want to know more?

You can download a free guide to Scaling Up for the Digital Future here.

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