How Technology Is Helping The Art World Protect Itself

New York, N.Y.: Saul Fuerstein of New York uses a microscope to cleanse and restore…

How Technology Is Helping The Art World Protect Itself

In November 1966, a flood in Florence, Italy, damaged 1,400 parts of artwork outside of restoration, which includes Cimabue’s The Crucifixion. Further than regular artwork, new art kinds have emerged – electronic art collections to art NFTs and digital actuality (VR) and augmented art like Estelle Tse’s VR adaptation of Rembrandt’s The Night Observe. Each and every piece of art – traditional or electronic – is heading by means of the exact same transformation – how do you shield and maintain art for foreseeable future generations?

In accordance to Nicole Bouchard Tejeiro, Senior Director Products System and Technological innovation at Crozier Europe a enterprise segment of Iron Mountain, emerging systems participate in a crucial position in safeguarding some of the world’s most precious is effective of artwork.

Tejeiro cites partners these types of as Vancouver-based Arius specializing in conservation authentication of fine art as an illustration of the specialization in artwork preservation with technological innovation. 

“Solutions this sort of as ultra-substantial-resolution 3D scanning [..] are being applied to help protect, move and digitize important paintings as properly as open them up for new audiences to love,” said Tejeiro.

Emerging artwork and technologies developments

3D laser scanning

Tejeiro thinks that artwork-precise 3D laser scanning is helping galleries and auction houses enrich buyers’ online working experience.

“Art sellers significantly need to supply a far more complex on line expertise and interactive imagery is important to conveying the abundant depth of a operate of artwork,” provides Tejeiro. “Art-certain 3D color laser scanning provides immersive, in-depth substantial-resolution visible experiences, offering collectors peace of mind – even in remote transactions.”

Artificial intelligence

AI proceeds to travel innovation involving technological know-how and art.

In Oct 2021, New York-dependent conceptual artist Anicka Yi opened a new exhibition at the Tate Modern-day in Turbine Hall as aspect of the Hyundai Commission that showcased the ecosystem of equipment and explored the link in between artwork and science. Doing work with Sitara Methods to employ the synthetic intelligence (AI) technologies, the exhibition entitled Anicka Yi: In really like With the World consisted of a dwelling ecosystem of the aerobes — autonomous flying machines. The aerobes had been self-directed and utilised their digital thoughts designed from Sitara’s AI to interact with site visitors. 

In a statement, Yi explained she hopes that by increasing our ideas of intelligence, kinship, and [..] existence itself, we could accessibility new types of compassion, empathy and universal experience. 


In accordance to Tejeiro, details captured by extremely-high-resolution laser scanning is swiftly getting the gold common in problem analytics. “The [..] 3D mapping and digitization method that Arius can give reveals micron-degree topographic and color details which are invisible to the human eye.

“The facts produced is also timestamped to create a benchmark for potential issue assessment reports, assisting watch for even the earliest indications of degradation,” provides Tejeiro.

A Monet at the Nationwide Gallery of Canada that confirmed symptoms of oxidation invisible to the human eye utilized Arius’ technological innovation in its electronic restoration

Visualization technological know-how

“The most recent visualization technology can be applied to assist confirm a perform of art’s origin, authenticity and journey, by mapping the coloration values of just about every point of the floor to a person-tenth of a human hair,” Simon Hornby, SVP & General Manager, Crozier Europe. “These records can also be applied to properly determine recent and potential artwork values – for appraisers, collectors and insurers.”

High-resolution scanning

In accordance to Hornby, textured replications preserve treasured cultural property and make artwork available to broader audiences. “Many operates of artwork are as well fragile or important for screen and will need to be stored in a weather-managed, secure ecosystem.”

“We use Arius’ ultra-higher-resolution scanning know-how to develop superior-fidelity textured reproductions, capturing the geometry and colour of an artist’s up to a single stage two inches in surface depth,” included Hornby.

Crozier collaborated with Tate Britain to develop electronic learn data files of artworks in museum vaults and not on exhibit. “Our prosperous details sets are also currently being utilized for textured reproductions, conservation initiatives and electronic restorations, including Peace –Burial at Sea by J. M. W Turner.”


Hornby suggests the info created by ultra-higher-resolution scanning know-how is serving to facilitate digital trade in art.

“Conservation-top quality imaging info can be tokenized in the blockchain. The scan one-way links this knowledge to the physical piece and any common provenance product related with that perform,” reported Hornby. “This permits the direct linking of NFTs to bodily artwork o