November 29, 2023

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How construction projects have changed with new technology | Newcastle Herald

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How construction projects have changed with new technology | Newcastle Herald
How construction projects have changed with new technology | Newcastle Herald
The construction industry has come a long way in so many facets of its operations, and arguably none more so than the technology used. Picture supplied

The construction industry has come a long way in so many facets of its operations, and arguably none more so than the technology used. From the design of a project to the execution and handover, construction technology has vastly improved over the decades.

Those running the projects have benefited greatly from this technological advancement in so many ways. To understand how construction projects have changed with new technology, here’s a simple guide.

Health & Safety

There is arguably no more important aspect of any construction project than the health and safety of those working on the project. New technology is making the maintenance of health and safety protocols that much easier on construction projects.

The creation of PPE vending machines is one of those new technologies making life easier. In projects gone by, individuals would be required to collect and sometimes store their own PPE for the project. It’s incredibly easy to misplace safety glasses, goggles or a hat.

PPE vending machines make those concerns a thing of the past. Forgetful workers or contractors on a project no longer pose a serious risk to health and safety. If a piece of PPE is forgotten, they simply use the PPE vending machine and they are compliant once again. This availability not only helps keep workers safe, it means there are fewer labour fluctuations and even less likely timelines are blown out on the project.


One of the most complicated parts of any construction project is tracking and tracing. Almost everything associated with a project is tracked, from materials to workers, right through to deadlines. New technology has made projects run much smoother by offering managers the chance to track and trace everything in one place. What was previously done in multiple systems is now possible in one platform.

These all-encompassing software and technology solutions make for better visibility of dependencies and a lower risk of project delays. Tracking and tracing technology is a manager’s best friend, especially if materials are delayed and the flow-on effects have to do with so many other aspects of the build. This technological advancement has made it easier to identify challenges and critical moments in a project.


Completing a construction project simply doesn’t happen without the assistance and hiring of contractors or subcontractors. Construction companies often don’t have all of the skills and experience required to deliver all projects, otherwise, their overheads would be enormous.

Instead, it’s common practice to hire contractors and subcontractors to assist with the project. Keeping track of how many contractors you have, where they’re from and their hours is complicated.

New technology in this space makes it a lot easier. Depending on the size of your project, there is a technology solution for you. These solutions help identify the skills gap on a project, previous contractors you’ve worked with and the budget for hiring or using them. This kind of visibility in one place is incredibly helpful, especially if you have an abundance of contractors from different companies or specialist backgrounds.


The budget is the most important element of any construction project. Go over budget and you’re suddenly chewing into revenue. Keeping a close eye on the finances is essential to successfully delivering a construction project.

There are many technology solutions on the market to help in the space. If you’re prepared enough, you can input the materials for the entire project, and the labour required for any additional expenses over the life of the project.

The technology in this space can then track against these base assumptions and create visibility of your looking like going over. This allows project managers to have visibility and control over the budget and spending.

There will always be unforeseen or uncontrollable events on a construction project, but by managing the budget closely with new technology you can better manage the outcome. Again, depending on the size of your project, you may need to do some research on the best financial technology for your project and people.

Construction projects can be large, complicated and very sensitive activities. Small deviations from the plan can have huge impacts downstream in the project. Technology has come a long way to now be playing a crucial role in the delivery of construction projects, impacting everything from timeframes to how long houses last after a build.

From financial management to contractor visibility and everything in between, new technology is changing the way we manage construction projects. If you’re managing a construction project or working on one today, try implementing some of these incredible technologies to make life a lot easier.

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