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Gluware Takes Center Stage at ONUG Fall 2023 in Keynote with World Wide Technology that Highlights the Power of Pre-Built Network Automation

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Gluware Takes Center Stage at ONUG Fall 2023 in Keynote with World Wide Technology that Highlights the Power of Pre-Built Network Automation

Gluware executives and partners to showcase industry trends, new platform capabilities, and the importance of the automated network as the platform for digital transformation 

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Gluware, Inc., the leader in intelligent network automation and ONUG Thought Leader sponsor, today announced its sessions and activities for ONUG Fall 2023, which will demonstrate the transformative impact of pre-built intelligent network automation for enterprises. 

Scheduled for October 24-25, ONUG Fall 2023 will feature a keynote from Gluware and World Wide Technology, a Gluware partner and IT services provider. The keynote will explore real world case studies that are transforming networks at some of the largest enterprises across the pharmaceutical, retail, professional and financial services industries. Additionally, Gluware will deliver several presentations and demonstrations highlighting platform capabilities and industry trends in network security and hyperautomation.  

“Intelligent network automation capabilities are a prerequisite for enterprises seeking to advance digital transformation and ensure a healthy, resilient network,” said Bob Olwig, Executive Vice President of Global Partner Alliances, World Wide Technology. “We are thrilled to partner with Gluware to deliver this pivotal technology to our valued customers.”

The ONUG Fall 2023 presentations coincide with Gluware’s launch of its first-ever Network Health Awareness Month. Through the month of October, Network Health Awareness Month has highlighted the pivotal role of the network in overall business health and advanced network best practices across industries through advocacy and thought leadership.

“Gluware has an unwavering focus on understanding our customers’ goals and developing the pre-built capabilities to make them achievable rapidly and at scale,” Ernest Lefner, Chief Product Officer, Gluware. “ONUG attracts the best and the brightest in our field, and we look forward to sharing, alongside World Wide Technology, the network automation technologies enabling digital transformation and the best practices we’ve observed through our customers’ groundbreaking projects.” 

The complete list of Gluware ONUG sessions includes: 

  • Gluware Keynote: An Insider’s Look at Automation Trends and Best Practices in Enterprise NetworkingJoin Ernest Lefner, Chief Product Officer at Gluware, and Tom Whaley, Chief Technology Advisor at World Wide Technology, as they discuss intelligent network automation adoption and the practices network leaders across industries are using to implement and optimize automation. Lefner and Whaley’s insights will prepare your organization for network and digital transformation success through real world insights, outcomes and lessons learned.
  • Gluware Proof of Concept: Automate a Cisco TrustSec Network Using Gluware – Join Tim Silverline, VP of Security at Gluware, and Olivier Huynh Van, Chief Science Officer and Co-founder of Gluware, to see how enterprises can accelerate their microsegmentation implementations, leveraging TrustSec and Gluware automation for the onboarding of network switches and wireless controllers. The pair will use a combination of API calls and network automation that builds an easy-to-use workflow to ensure the proper configuration is applied to Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) and to every network device to establish a baseline CTS environment. They will then demonstrate how Gluware can further manage the security group tag (SGT) lifecycle by creating a new SGT and validating propagation to the CTS network.
  • Gluware Panel: Full-Stack Observability: Building Integrated Solutions for Network and Security Operational Landscapes Join Ernest Lefner, Chief Product Officer at Gluware, for a panel discussion with industry thought leaders on full-stack analytics and the need for an integrated platform that combines endpoint and network security telemetry for holistic threat detection. The panel will explore the transformative role of AI and ML in bolstering real-time intelligence across multiple layers and domains, enhancing predictive analytics and anomaly detection.
  • Hyperautomation Working Group Update: The Age of Hyperautomation: Redefining Enterprise EfficiencyJoin Michael Haugh, VP Product Marketing at Gluware, for an enlightening session that explores the transformative power of hyperautomation, AI/ML, and full stack analytics in shaping the future of business. Users will gain practical insights and best practices for adoption and implementation to unleash the potential of these technologies and drive innovation, growth and data-driven decision-making.
  • Gluware Open Session: Rapid Multi-Vendor CLI/API Automation and Integrations (Online Only) – Join Mike Haugh, VP of Product Marketing at Gluware, to learn how Gluware can help enterprises automate multi-vendor CLI and API-based networking solutions, expand your network drift monitoring and audits to include config and operational state, and simplify API integrations to achieve hyperautomation.
  • ONUG Collaborative Birds-of-a-Feather: Network Orchestration & Automation (Online Only) – Join Mike Haugh, VP of Product Marketing at Gluware, and the other members of the Hyperautomation Working Group for a discussion on the group’s recent activities. Attendees will participate in an open Q&A that explores how businesses are transforming for the digital age.

Learn more about Network Health Awareness Month through Gluware’s on-demand webinar: Network Health Awareness Month: Top 5 Health Initiatives 

For more information about Gluware, click here, or request a demo or test drive today.

About Gluware 
Gluware provides the leading intelligent network automation suite for Global 2000 enterprises, trusted across industries from finance to pharma. Gluware automates the networks of the world’s largest and most complex enterprises, keeping them secure and in compliance. The company’s code-free, multi-vendor solutions and intent-based approach to network automation reduce the business risk of outages while lowering costs and increasing efficiency. For more information, please visit www.gluware.com.

About ONUG 
ONUG is the only organization composed of senior-level IT executives from the Global 2000 that represents the interests and initiatives of the Enterprise Community. Through its global event series, working groups, training academies, and webinars, ONUG plays a central role in the creation of new and improved tools to develop, manage, and secure the digital enterprise. The ONUG Community is made up of IT leaders from Bank of America, Raytheon Technologies, Cigna, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, eBay, FedEx, Fidelity Investments, Gap Inc., GE, Intuit, JP Morgan Chase, Kaiser Permanente, the Lippis Report, Morgan Stanley, Pfizer, Raytheon Technologies, State Street Bank, TD Ameritrade, UBS, Oath, and hundreds more. For more on ONUG, go to onug.net or follow on Twitter @ONUG.

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Clayton Murtle
Lumina Communications for Gluware

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Gluware Takes Center Stage at ONUG Fall 2023 in Keynote with World Wide Technology that Highlights the Power of Pre-Built Network Automation

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