December 4, 2023

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Five Ways to Improve the Resilience of a Higher Education ERP System, Explained in New Blueprint from Info-Tech Research Group

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Five Ways to Improve the Resilience of a Higher Education ERP System, Explained in New Blueprint from Info-Tech Research Group

The firm suggests institutional leaders improve ERP systems to automate processes and help reduce manual work.

TORONTO, March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a crucial component for any learning institute as it can help to improve student self-service capabilities, which results in increased utilization and overall student satisfaction. However, many ERP systems in higher education environments require an update as their student information systems (SISs) are outdated. Continuing to use an older ERP system poses a significant risk as poor or dated implementation can result in frustrating processes and decreased productivity. To help institutions develop an efficient ERP system that will deliver enhanced value, global IT research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group has released a new blueprint, Identify a Resilient Approach to the Future of Your Higher Education ERP.

Info-Tech’s research explains that ERP is a system that facilitates the flow of information across business units. It allows for the seamless integration of systems and creates a holistic view of the institution to support decision-making. In many institutions, ERP is considered the lifeblood of the enterprise; any problems with this key operational system will dramatically impact the enterprise’s ability to survive and grow.

The new blueprint indicates that the higher education industry is currently lagging in its modernization, as many IT departments lack the experience to implement modern systems. Another driver for the outdated ERPs is that the market has been very slow in providing modern SISs that meet most academic institutions’ requirements, compared to other ERP modules. As well, ERP replacements are generally costly and many institutions are reluctant to expend resources on a project that does not directly support the student experience.

An efficient ERP system provides several benefits for high schools and colleges. For example, it automates the processes of an institute, reducing the amount of routine manual work. However, the firm suggests a straight ERP replacement is not always the best approach. Institutional leaders must consider their IT capability and the institution’s maturity, as these factors often constrain the ERP’s renewal. Info-Tech recommends considering the following five approaches for effective ERP selection:

Single Vendor: Commitment to a single vendor for all the capabilities of the ERP system. The approach won’t please everyone but will allow IT to prioritize service to its institutional stakeholders.

Best of Breed: Best of breed refers to both the module and the deployment. This approach can better meet the needs of the stakeholders with greater cost controls, but it does require a more mature IT department.

Data Ecosystem: The institution’s needs might require a new approach to data and analytics rather than an ERP replacement. For the more mature institution, this approach provides the greatest insight.

Shared Data Platform: This approach facilitates the transfer of course credits between institutions within a university system. This is becoming a political priority for system chancellors.

Deprioritize the ERP: This dark horse approach questions the value of the traditional ERP. Institutional leaders should ensure that the institution’s funds and IT resources are used appropriately.

Info-Tech’s blueprint suggests the CIO or technology leader for the academic institution needs to assess the institution’s maturity to determine the most effective approach. The best approach for a less mature institution may be less advanced.

To learn more about Info-Tech’s research and recommendations for ERP improvements, download the complete Identify a Resilient Approach to the Future of Your Higher Education ERP blueprint.

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Five Ways to Improve the Resilience of a Higher Education ERP System, Explained in New Blueprint from Info-Tech Research Group

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