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The land mobile radio systems market place is mostly driven by the boost in the concentrate on enhancing communication technologies, improvement of customized options for customers and study associated to numerous novel technologies. It is essential to note that client responsiveness covers 1st response time, and also the frequency and consistency in communication till the final resolution. ICT-based tools and applications are widely used in libraries to facilitate networking and resource sharing, remove duplication of efforts, increase the speed of operations, increase access to information resources and improve the high quality of data services (Peyala, 2011).

Libraries can use several ICT-primarily based tools like integrated library management systems, competency databases, choice-assistance systems, online retrieval and search systems, expert networks, e-mail, groupware, teleconferencing, intranets, the Planet Wide Web, document management systems, video-conferencing, metadata and information mining (Okumus, 2012 Peyala, 2011 Rah et al., 2010 Shanhong, 2000).

Aviation, Transportation and the Military use wireless technologies in the form of Satellite communications. ICT tools such as tape recorders can facilitate the transfer of IK. For example, to market sustainable management of agro-ecosystems Kenya has initiated an on-line IK journal to document and use IK. Farmers record their understanding on a certain topic on an audio tape or any other media in their personal language to be published in this journal.

Marconi’s wireless communications – in 1901 Guglielmo Marconi created the very first trans-Atlantic wireless communication hyperlink. ICT is at times utilised synonymously with IT (for information technologies) nevertheless, ICT is normally used to represent a broader, much more complete list of all components related to personal computer and digital technologies than IT. Recorded conversations of telephone calls between you and your customers can save you hours of research time when you have a client service concern that demands special interest.

By 2000 the ratio of mobile telephone to land line telephone rose to 1:two and by 2003, mobile phone subscriptions had overtaken mainline subscription for the 1st time. Escalating quantity of ageing population who needs continuous overall health monitoring is one particular of the elements which have triggered the idea of wireless technology driven human body, and is the main issue driving the adoption of wireless communication technologies in the healthcare business.