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6 common solutions for your technology troubles

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6 common solutions for your technology troubles

Before contacting Health Care Information Systems, try these technology tricks

If you’re dealing with technology troubles, you’re not alone. The good news? The Health Care Information Services (HCIS) Help Desk is available to provide assistance with any tech troubles you might have. The better news? We’ve pulled together some of these tips and tricks to see if you can fix the problem on your own before reaching out to the help desk.

Make sure all cables are plugged in

If your computer says the server is unavailable or it cannot access a server, one of the cords might have gotten unplugged. Make sure all the proper equipment is connected before you contact HCIS for assistance.

Restart the machine

Whether it’s a laptop or a printer, the biggest catch-all solution for any tech problem you might have is to restart the machine.

HawkID vs HealthCareID6 common solutions for your technology troubles

Your HealthCareID is used for authentication with the HEALTHCARE domain and is required for those with a position in UI Health Care. This account allows you to access Health Care resources such as Epic and is subject to policies managed by HCIS. Similarly, your HawkID is used for authentication with the IOWA domain and is subject to policies managed by Information Technology Services (ITS).

Software Center–Windows computers only

Depending on the permissions your position has, there are many apps you can install on your work computer through the Software Center that do not require administrative approval. Google Chrome, Microsoft Teams, and LaserGene are some of the many apps that employees can install on their work computer through the Software Center. To access the Software Center, click the magnifying glass icon in the bottom left Windows menu and search “Software Center.”

Display settings

If one of your monitors says it’s going into power saving mode or there’s no input device detected, the monitor might not be on the correct display setting. Look for a physical button on the monitor to bring up the menu, and find an option that says “input,” “source,” or “display.” Cycle through the options until the proper display appears on your monitor. The correct option will often be an HDMI source, but that is not always the case.

Device ID

If you need to contact HCIS, it’s important to know your device ID. To find the device ID, look for the white sticker placed on the device. For computers, the device ID will be a 6-digit ID that starts with the letter “M.” Television device IDs will start with the letters “TV,” and most other device IDs will start with the letters “DEV.”

Helpful links

  • HealthCareID solution center: This link will allow you to change your HealthCareID password if you have been locked out of your account, your password expired, or you forgot your password.
  • Using Microsoft 365: Learn the basics for using Microsoft Office 365 at work.
  • Duo security brochure: Having trouble with Duo security? Check out this brochure for more information.

To contact the HCIS Help Desk, go to the ESC portal and fill out a ticket. You can also reach the help desk by calling 319-356-0001 or emailing [email protected].

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