December 10, 2023

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4iiii creates world’s first power meter featuring Apple’s Find My technology

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4iiii creates world’s first power meter featuring Apple’s Find My technology

Find My friends bike: offering some peace of mind, 4iiii has teamed up with Apple to create the world’s first power meter featuring Apple’s Find My technology. 4iiii is also launching a free Apple Watch app, which includes power meter connectivity, giving you another way to track and analyse your performance. 

“Find My”, previously “Find My iPhone”, is familiar to many of us, provided by Apple to allow users to locate their Apple devices and friends who have shared their location. 

You can now check up on your power meters (and therefore bike) thanks to 4iiii’s new Precision 3+ power meter which has Apple’s Find My technology directly built-in. 

The Find My technology is present throughout 4iiii’s Precision+ power meter platform too.

4iiii creates world’s first power meter featuring Apple’s Find My technology

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“We wanted to do more than just release another power meter,” says Phil White, President and CEO of 4iiii.

“With the addition of Find My integration and seamless use with Apple devices through our app, the Precision+ platform really shows where we can go with this technology as bikes (and their users) get smarter and more connected.“

Precision 3+ power meter 

2023 4iiii Precision 3+ power meter

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The Precision 3+ power meter is said to be 4iiii’s “most powerful unit to date”, in a smaller and lighter package featuring Apple’s Find My. 

Many of us want to train with power but for amateur riders fitting power meters can seem like a lot of work and hassle. Historically speaking, you have had to replace your chainset with something specifically made for the job. 

4iiii offers a variety of Shimano left-sided cranks with a 4iiii power meter pre-installed and ready to ride, but they also offer a factory install option whereby you can send your crank off and they’ll fit a 4iiii power meter onto it. 

All you have to do is take a photo to confirm there’s enough clearance between your crank arm and the frame to allow a 4iiii pod to fit. Place an order with 4iiii online, receive your posting details, remove the relevant crank(s) from your bike and send it all off. 

2023 4iiii PRECISION 3+ Powermeter

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Other features of Precision+ are real-time terrain auto-optimising which is said to detect the terrain you’re riding on for more responsive cadence and power
data which, 4iiii says, “guarantees performance and unwavering accuracy across any riding surface”.

It has a claimed accuracy of +/- 1%, using three strain gauges to measure all forces in a pedal stroke, and a claimed battery life of up to 800 hours – the same as the previous 4iiii Precision 3 power meter. 

It is said to add a weight of just 9g to the existing crank arm. 

4iiii ‘Ride’ Apple Watch app

2023 4iiii Apple Watch App

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The big OS10 software update for Apple Watch saw new cycling features added such as power meter connectivity, and 4iiii has made the most of this update by launching their ‘Ride’ Apple Watch app which you can download for free. 

It’s designed as a convenient way for cyclists to track and analyse rides and you can view live stats such as speed, power and distance on your Apple Watch. 

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You can connect to most power meters and heart rate sensors, not just from 4iiii, via Bluetooth and turn your iPhone into a comprehensive head unit on your bike handlebar with all the data you’d get from a dedicated GPS computer. 

“By adding our app into the Apple Watch environment, our riders can integrate with the tech they’re already wearing to have a convenient way to view, track and analyse their rides,” says Eric Gerstenbuhler, Director of Global Operations, Sales, and Marketing for 4iiii.

2023 4iiii Precision 3+ power meter

Would this power meter give you some peace of mind, and will the new app tempt you to ditch your bike computer? Let us know in the comments section below… 

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